Staff List

Headteacher                      Mr Nic Maxwell
Deputy Headteacher        Mrs V Bezant


Yellow Class           Miss Lisa Whitcomb Head of Primary Dept. Responsible for Maths and Art at Key Stage 1&2,  joint resp. for PSD,MLD KS 1&2
Green Class      Mrs Sharon Overell Responsible for Science & Humanities KS 1&2 Joint resp for PSD, MFL KS1 & 2
Red Class          Miss Jenna Grimsey Responsible for English and R.E at Key Stage 1&2, joint resp. for PSD, MFL,KS 1&2


Class MD         Ms Sam Davies Head of Middle School
Class MP         Mrs M Philpott (P/T) responsible for History KS 3 & 4, Mrs Mills responsible for MFL
Class ML         Mr David Lazell Responsible Geography KS 3 & 4 and ICT KS 1&2.


Mr Rod Harvey       Head of Secondary Curriculum Responsible for English at Key Stage 3 & 4

Class GB           Mrs Veronica Buttigieg/Mrs Aletta Boucher/Mrs T Gomes Responsible for Geography at Key Stage 3 & 4
Class 11M         Mr Paul Martin Responsible for P.E. and PSHE at Key Stage 3 & 4

Class 9B            Mr Steven Bray Responsible for Design & Technology Key Stage 1-4    

Class 10S          Mr Matt Sankey Responsible for Science KS3 &4 and ICT at Key Stage 3&4
Class 9S            Mrs Suzanne Stott   Responsible for Maths and R.E. at Key Stage 3 & 4
Class LB            Mrs Louise Bruty Responsible for ICT
Class 8C            Miss K Coupe Responsible for Art Key Stage 3 & 4
Class 11B          Mr Graham Brandle Responsible for Careers, College Links & Leavers Programme

Class 10D         Ms Jenny Powell   Responsible for GCSE Science and English (P/T)       Mrs K Green  Responsible for Music Key Stage 3 & 4

Mrs Trudi Marriner  Speech and Language Therapist (P/T)

Learning Support Assistants

Anita Faulkner (P/T)      Secondary
Carol O’Dell (P/T)           Secondary & Lunchtime supervisor
Coral Peters                     Medical Room                       
Dawn Smith                     Primary
Diane Ashton                   Secondary & Swimming
Erica Jones (P/T)            Secondary                                      
Hazel Squire                    Middle
Jolene Gothard              Secondary
Josephine McDonald   Primary                                  
Julia Hannan   (P/T)     Senior LSA      
Denise Sullivan              Middle
Katie Chapman (P/T)  Secondary   
Kim Flaxton (P/T)         Secondary
Liza Hull (P/T)                 Primary
Luke Chilvers                  Secondary
Luke Hammond            Secondary
Lynn Dabbs (P/T)          Secondary                  
Sally Horne                      Primary
Neve Ayres                       Secondary
Peter Chillingworth      Secondary                                                    
Sam Stone                       Secondary, Speech & Language
Scott Irving (P/T)            Secondary
Denise MacDonald         Secondary
Chana Leggett                 PE
Sharon Scott                    Food Tech
Alison Sims                      Secondary
Sue Turner                        Counsellor & Secondary support
Ian Peterson                     PE
Tara Urquhart                  Primary
Tracey Hutson                 Primary (Red Class)     
Vicki Keep                         Secondary      
Zoe Wooding                   Secondary


Office Staff

Georgina Wall                  Administrative Assistant          
Hony White                       PA to Headteacher    
Karen Holliday (P/T)      Bursar
Jayne Bowers (P/T)        Senior Administrative Officer

Site Staff

H. Hassan                          Site Manager
Anthony Winslow           Cleaner         
Les Benedetti                  Cleaner
Marilyn Forbes                Cleaner
Rob Hook                          Groundsman                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Sarah Toomey                 Cook   
Steve Perry (P/T)             IT Support