Staff List

Headteacher                      Mr Nic Maxwell
Deputy Headteacher        Mrs V Bezant


Yellow Class           Miss Lisa Whitcomb Head of Primary Dept. Responsible for Maths and Art at Key Stage 1&2,  joint resp for PSD,MLD KS 1&2
Green Class            Mrs Sharon Overell Responsible for Science & Humanities KS 1&2 Joint resp for PSD, MFL KS1 & 2
Red Class                Mrs Jenna Klimek Responsible for English and R.E at Key Stage 1&2, joint resp. for PSD, MFL,KS 1&2

Yellow Class Ms Sarah Young


Class MD             Ms Sam Davies Head of Middle School
Class MP             Mrs M Philpott (P/T) responsible for History KS 3 & 4, Mrs Mills responsible for MFL
Class ML             Mr David Lazell Responsible Geography KS 3 & 4 and ICT KS 1&2.


Mr Aaron Sultana      Head of Secondary Curriculum Responsible for English at Key Stage 3 & 4

Class 8F          Mrs K Fielder Responsible for Art Key Stage 3 & 4 Class LB            Mrs Louise Bruty Responsible for ICT Class 9M          Mr Paul Martin Responsible for P.E. and PSHE at Key Stage 3 & 4 Class 9S            Mrs Suzanne Stott   Responsible for Maths and R.E. at Key Stage 3 & 4 Class 10B          Mr Steven Bray Responsible for Design & Technology Key Stage 1-4   Class 10P         Ms Jenny Powell   Responsible for GCSE Science and English   Mrs Kate Green  Responsible for Music Key Stage 3 & 4 Class 11B         Mr Graham Brandle Responsible for Careers, College Links & Leavers Programme Class 11S          Mr Matt Sankey Responsible for Science KS3 &4 and ICT at Key Stage 3&4 Class GB           Mrs Veronica Buttigieg/Mrs Aletta Boucher Responsible for Geography at Key Stage 3 & 4

Mrs Sharon Hoy Responsible for Food Technology

Mr Rod Harvey

Mrs Trudi Marriner  Speech and Language Therapist (P/T)

Learning Support Assistants

Neve Ayres                                     Secondary Lisa Bewers Secondary Lorriane Bowers Secondary Laura Bradshaw Middle Rebekka Chambers-Ward        Secondary Katie Chapman (P/T)                  Secondary  Luke Chilvers                                 Secondary Karen Clifton (P/T) Primary Jonathon Cox                                Secondary Stephen Crane                              Secondary Lynn Dabbs (P/T)                         Secondary    Jessica Dalton Secondary Anita Faulkner (P/T)                     Secondary Laurianne Flack (P/T) Primary Ross Gardner Middle Jolene Gothard                             Secondary Hannah Harbour Primary Julia Hannan   (P/T)                     Senior LSA Chana Herrington                        PE      Erica Himpfen-Jones (P/T)       Secondary      Sally Horne                                    Primary Liza Hull (P/T)                                 Primary     Tracey Hutson                              Primary    Scott Irving (P/T)                          Secondary Vicki Keep (P/T)                          Secondary Katie Luttman (P/T) Primary/ Secondary Denise MacDonald                      Secondary Josephine McDonald                 Primary     Clare North Middle
Carol O’Dell (P/T)                         Secondary & Lunchtime supervisor
Coral Peters                                   Medical Room     Ian Peterson                                 PE           Allison Sims                                   Secondary       
Dawn Smith                                   Primary    Ellisha Smith Primary Sam Stannard Secondary   Sam Stone                                      Secondary, Speech & Language            Denise Sullivan                             Middle  
Hazel Squire                                  Middle Sue Turner                                     Counsellor & Secondary support Zoe Wooding                                Secondary

Office Staff

Georgina Wall                  Administrative Assistant          
Hony White                       PA to Headteacher    
Karen Holliday (P/T)      Bursar
Jayne Bowers (P/T)        Senior Administrative Officer Louise Lewis (P/T) Administrative Assistant

Site Staff

Hussein Hassan            Site Manager Cris Wright                        Assistant Site Manager/Groundsman
Anthony Winslow           Cleaner         
Les Benedetti                   Cleaner
Marilyn Forbes                 Cleaner Michelle Little Cleaner
Sarah Draper                Cook    Tracey Wakeford Assistant Cook