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 Welcome to the website of Cedar Hall School

Cedar Hall School is an innovative and forward looking all age (5-16) Essex LEA School, which provides education for pupils who primarily experience global moderate learning difficulties, but who may experience speech, language, emotional, behavioural or autistic spectrum secondary disabilities.

We offer a safe and happy environment where high standards, hard work and sensible behaviour are expected from everyone. A particular strength of the school is extremely good working relationships between staff and between staff and pupils. This enables the school to value pupils as individuals and foster an environment within which pupils can be supported, stimulated and challenged to achieve high educational standards relative to their ability. Lifelong success depends in part on learning to make responsible choices. The quality, depth and strength of pastoral support within the school means that pupils can be given counselling and support where necessary to achieve this goal. Our small class groups make it so much easier for positive relationships to be forged between staff and pupils.

The website and prospectus are regularly updated with news and information about what happens in school, however they may not tell you everything you would like to know. If this is the case, please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively we invite you to visit us to answer your questions and talk to our staff in person. We hope that your child will enjoy life at Cedar Hall and benefit from the varied experiences we offer here. I look forward to meeting you on many occasions in the future. Please telephone to make an appointment at any time.

Mr Nic Maxwell

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