Our SEN Information Report


This school has all age (5-16) provision for pupils with moderate learning difficulties and additional needs.

Our school is a friendly, welcoming place where everyone is encouraged to do and achieve their best.  We believe every pupil should be taught to have a go, try new things and look out for the welfare of others.  We provide the opportunities for children to shine. “Everybody is somebody at Cedar Hall”.



We are committed to fostering a trustworthy and open relationship with parents.

To help us work more closely with you we have established:-

  • An open door policy which gives you an opportunity to chat face to face or on the phone.

  • Annual reviews

  • Parents evenings

  • Termly progress review meetings

  • Parents workshops

  • Surveys of pupil's and parent's views

  • School counsellors

  • End of term assemblies and PSFA events.

We always listen to our pupils as their welfare and happiness is absolutely central to us.  We will respond individually to our learners` choices, preferences and needs to get to know each individual very well.  This is backed up with more structured procedures for gathering learners  views:

  • The student council

  • The annual review

  • Target setting

  • Questionnaires



We have a committed staff base, selected for their experiences, knowledge and aptitude for working with pupils with SEN and dedicated to the well-being of each individual.  Small classes and high staff ratio (12:2) ensure staff know pupils exceptionally well.  We put in place a range of plans to meet pupils` holistic needs including:-

  • Individual learning programmes

  • Care plans (for pupils with medical needs)

  • Personal improvement plans (for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties)

The school has three distinct departments led by a member of the SLT who take overall responsibility for pupil progress and well-being as well as ensuring work between the phases is co-ordinated.  The three departments are Primary, Middle and Secondary.

The school's named SENCO is the head teacher, however all teaching staff fulfil the role and take responsibility for the progress of all their pupils.

All staff are trained annually on safeguarding and the head teacher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead.


The school works closely with other professional partners based at the school or who visit us.

  • Our school nurse is Matt Haywood.

  • Our speech and language therapist is Trudi Marriner.

  • Our counsellor is Sue Turner

  • Our physiotherapist is Jodi White.

They will be involved in assessing your child, reporting to you and contributing to the overall plan for what your child needs, where this is identified in the child's Educational, Health and Care Plan. (EHCP)

As well as the health partnerships we have , we work with professionals from other areas including Social Care, Educational Psychology and Therapeutic services to meet children's needs should the need arise.

Our governing body plays an active role in strategic planning and has responsibility for overseeing the practice in the school and ensuring it meets the needs of pupils and families.



The school follows the National Curriculum adapted to meet individual needs.  We also focus on teaching pupils the skills they need for lifelong learning and independence therefore an important aspect of our curriculum is life skills.

All pupils are targeted to achieve good or outstanding progress based on national expectations for pupils with SEN.

We assess pupils continuously in order to track progress and make any necessary interventions.

Older pupils are offered a range of qualifications which include GCSEs, Entry Levels, Arts Award, V Certs (NCFE), Duke of Edinburgh and ASDAN Bronze and Silver Awards.  Pupils are extended opportunities to take part in Community Service and Work Experience supported by our community partners.

We support pupils as they move through the different departments of education and life and ultimately as they prepare to leave school through close working with Transitions Pathways Service. 

Our building and facilities are fully accessible to and safe for all learners.  Spaces and resources are timetabled according to the needs of different groups.  We will be happy to show you our facilities when you visit.

A range of school policies are available on the website or we can provide copies on request.  This includes Behaviour Policy, Child Protection Policy and Complaints Policy.