MP class visit to Fambridge Solar Panel Farm

On Thursday 6th July MP pupils visited a solar panel farm in Fambridge . As part of their Science topic they have been looking at renewable energy sources and were therefore very interested to see lots of things in action that they had been learning about. A great day was had by all!

President's Sporting Club Day

On Monday 12th June Middle school pupils visited Chelmsford Athletics Stadium to take part in the annual sporting experience run by The President's Sporting Association. Pupils took part in many activities, some new and some that they were already familiar with. They had the chance to enjoy candy floss and popcorn during the day and even rub shoulders with some famous VIP's!

Planetarium Trip

Middle School have recently been studying the moon and the solar system and to help them with their studies MP class were lucky enough to visit Southend's Planetarium. Their guide, Wendy was able to show them images of the moon, the earth and the planets in our solar system. She also bought up the night sky with the different constellations of stars. MP's behaviour was fantastic throughout the trip and they were able to sensibly answer lots of questions about what they had learnt. The other Middle school classes will also be visiting the Planetarium in the coming week.

BMW Competition

Pupils from our Middle School recently entered the special competition run by BMW Fairfield. Pupils had to design a BMW of the future and the competition was exclusive to Cedar Hall School. In our assembly this week the winner of the competition was announced. Mahalah from MP was chosen as the winner and as you can see from the photograph her winning design was truly spectacular! Mahalah's prize includes tickets to a Southend United football match and a full replica kit. She will be the team's mascot at a future game and will even lead the team out from the tunnel onto the pitch. A huge well done to her.